Fall 2021 Pandora Problem Small Group

Thursdays 7:30p-9:00p || Sept 2 - Nov 18

DISCOUNT PRICE: You can register today for $189.99 (save $10). That’s just $16 per session to receive interactive training on how to understand and respond redemptively to narcissism. Price includes access to the live classes, recordings of each session, and downloadable notes.

PAYMENT PLAN: If you prefer, you can make two payments of $99.99 (once when you place your order, then 30 days later) to join this class.

DISCOUNT PRICE: Save $ through August 23. After Aug 23, the price is $199.99 (or two payments of $109.99).

Once you purchase this class, you ‘own’ it. Meaning, you can log in to your Deeper Walk account with the username and password you used when you purchased the course to watch the videos and download the course notes at any time.

The book this course is tied to is, The Pandora Problem: Facing Narcissism in Leaders & Ourselves.

The book is central to this course, and each participant will need a copy to read and refer to. Order your copy today so you can keep up with weekly reading assignments and engage in the group discussion.

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From: $99.99 / month for 2 months


A 12 Week Small Group Study on “The Pandora Problem”

In the groundbreaking book, “The Pandora Problem: Facing Narcissism in Leaders & Ourselves,” Dr. Jim Wilder rips the cover off the dreaded Pandora’s box, giving us a clear view of both the problem and the surprising solution. Dr. Wilder offers us a new paradigm that moves us away from the individualized therapy model toward the need for identity groups that help each other learn how to love our enemies.

Barbara Moon is a prolific author who has been mentored for years by Dr. Wilder. In fact, she was instrumental in prompting Dr. Wilder to write on narcissism. She even wrote the “Companion Guide for The Pandora Problem” to help small groups work through the material in-depth, and has led groups on this subject for the past 7 years.

Now you have an opportunity to join a 12-week Small Group led by Barbara Moon!

In this live, interactive Small Group, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Listen to Barbara Moon teach through the key concepts of ‘The Pandora Problem.’
  • Grow in a relational environment as you discuss what you are learning with the group.
  • Practice exercises designed to help you face narcissism in others (and yourself).
  • Have Q&A with Barbara Moon, one of the few experts on redemptive solutions for narcissism.

Whether you are seeking help for someone you love, or are desiring to grow in your own emotional maturity and relational health, this small group study can help you understand the dynamics involved in narcissism and equip you to respond redemptively to narcissism when you encounter it.

Disclaimer: While a redemptive approach to dealing with narcissism is presented in the book and small group, no guarantees are made regarding what kinds of results you will see in applying what you learn to your life and relationships. Ultimately, only God can change someone’s heart, and often that requires a measure of willingness on the person’s part.

WHEN: 12 Thursday nights, 7:30p-9:00p (Eastern), from September 2nd through November 18th. 

Attend the live, interactive small group classes each week on Zoom. These meetings will also be recorded so you can view the recording of any session you miss (videos will be available 2 days after the live event).

Questions? Email support@deeperwalk.com



Barbara Moon is a small group leader, prayer minister, mentor, and blogger in the Atlanta area. She has known Dr. Jim Wilder for over 25 years and attributes her ministry to the mentoring received from him. Barbara is the author of more than ten books that focus on helping others grow Joy-Filled Relationships. She especially enjoys helping parents of teens. As the mother of four and grandmother to eleven, Barbara has plenty of experience to draw from. You can find her other books and blogs on www.barbaramoonbooks.com

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