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February 5, 2024

2: Let My People Go

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On The Trail
2: Let My People Go

Show Notes

The Hero’s beloved has been captured and abused, and He will not let it stand. He is coming not only to rescue her but to humiliate her abuser. 

In this episode, we press into the heavy beginning of the Exodus story. The people of Israel are groaning under ruthless oppression, but God hears them and takes action. 

God always has a plan, and He is not afraid of chaos. 

The story of Exodus contains many lessons and symbols. Some include parallels of the deep pain that launches a healing journey and parallels we see in the Gospel (e.g., Pharaoh as a symbol of sin, Slavery as a symbol of bondage to sin). 

As we press further in to this epic Bible account, we hope you’ll join us on the trail! 


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