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Our Name is Our Mission

Deeper Walk International exists to help people identify and overcome the obstacles to a deeper walk with God.

A Unique Model. We call our model heart-focused discipleship. Our “secret sauce” brings together brain science, spiritual warfare and inner healing in a biblically-balanced way.

A Trusted Model. Our president, Dr. Marcus Warner has three degrees from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. He has appeared on numerous programs connected to Moody radio and is currently writing his fifth book with Moody Publishing. One mega-church pastor said, “I’ve seen everything, and Deeper Walk’s discipleship model is the best. Nothing else is even close.” 

Recommended reading material for your deeper walk with God.

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Longing for something more? Your journey starts here.

Have you ever felt like you’re doing all the right things—yet God still feels distant? A relationship brimming with love and trust is essential to a deeper walk. But how does that happen?

Author and Bible teacher Marcus Warner examines how heavily left-brained models of discipleship often miss our hearts. To know God is to experience Him.

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Let’s face it: Life is hard. We all get overwhelmed at times. But some people seem to bounce back from their upset emotions faster than most. 

Are they just born happy? Or is there a secret to building emotional resilience that anyone can learn?

Building Bounce explains the theory behind growing emotional resilience and gives you practical tools to do so for yourself and others.

The world wounds us, the devil lies to us, we vow never to let it happen again and we spend our lives picking the fruit of our wounds.

It doesn’t have to stay this way.

This book introduces a simple model for understanding the wounded heart and offers practical, transferable tools for experiencing God’s healing and transformation.

Spiritual Warfare book

This book provides practical insights about the battle and clear strategies for winning life’s battles and for walking Christ’s victory. We will look at the reality of spiritual warfare, how we often give permission to the enemy to have a place in our life—and how we can use our authority in Christ to remove the legal ground. We’ll look deeper into demons, the occult, and how to find freedom from bondage. 


Take heart. The enemy’s roar is but a whisper in the presence of our mighty God.

Do you often feel stuck battling the same fears, temptations, lies, and doubts, wondering if you’ll ever overcome them? Does it seem as if you’re in that battle alone? Author Judy Dunagan has been there. In The Loudest Roar, you’ll marvel at the power, majesty, and authority of our Lord Jesus and learn how to stand in the unshakable victory He’s already won for you.

4HabitsOfJoyFilledMarriages 3D large

What separates happy marriages from miserable ones?

Surprisingly, it’s not healthy communication. It’s not conflict resolution skills. It’s actually the size of the marriage’s joy gap.

When the joy gap gets bigger, problems are more likely to overwhelm you, resentment creeps in, and you start to feel distant and alone in your marriage. When the joy gap is smaller, you regularly feel connected and happy, problems feel manageable, and your marriage becomes a reliable source of joy. But how do you ensure that you’re experiencing joy regularly?

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