P. Mutz & L. Mutz

Pamela, from Lakeland, Florida, and husband, Mayor Bill Mutz, are the parents of twelve children. For twenty-five years they have served bi-vocationally on FamilyLife’s “Weekend to Remember” Speaker Team. They are grandparents of twenty-seven children; two of whom are in the presence of the Lord, along with their own story-inspiring son, Jonathan. Pamela serves on the Deeper Walk International and FCA board, is a Colson Fellow, and has her Master of Art in Ministerial Leadership. After compiling many journal entries of her children’s antics, she continues developing her writing and reading books she never got to read while chasing toddlers!

Lori Mutz Alt is no stranger to child raising! Being the fourth child in the Mutz clan of twelve, and the mom to seven, encouragement is her middle name. Lori enjoys speaking and mentoring other moms who are walking this challenging path called Motherhood.

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