The Other Half of Church eCourse

Discover the missing elements in church discipleship that foster genuine and enduring transformation. Michel Hendricks, former pastor of spiritual formation and author of “The Other Half of Church,” shares insights from his book in this online eCourse. Learn about the brain’s left and right sides, the components of a vibrant transformational community, the significance of relational joy, the role of hesed attachments in character formation, cultivating a Christ-like group identity, and creating a culture of uplifting correction. Become a whole-brained Christian for true growth.

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Nobody wants to be a half-brained person… Learn how to use your full brain in The Other Half of Church!

We know we are called to love God with all of our heart, soul, and mind (Matthew 22:37).

Unfortunately, our churches are not designed to produce whole-brained Christians. Despite the best efforts of churches and ministries, increasing transformation into the image of Christ seems to be the exception and not the rule.

However, there is hope!

“When the right brain and left brain work in harmony, character transformation becomes commonplace in our communities.” – Michel Hendricks

In this online eCourse author and former pastor of spiritual formation, Michel Hendricks, shares the 4 missing ingredients in church discipleship that lead to true and lasting transformation. This eCourse is inspired by Michel’s recent book, The Other Half of Church, co-authored with Jim Wilder.

In this Online eCourse you will learn:

  • The vital roles of the brain’s left and right sides.
  • The ingredients necessary to develop and maintain a vibrant, transformational community
  • The centrality of relational joy in transformation
  • About the role of hesed attachments in character formation
  • How to cultivate a Christ-like group identity
  • Ways to create a culture of uplifting, healthy correction.


Discovering the Missing Keys to Spiritual Formation

Ingredient #1 – Relational Joy

Ingredient #2 – Hesed-based Attachments

Ingredient #3 – Christ-like Group Identity

Ingredient #4 – Healthy Correction

Full-Brained Christianity


Director of Life Model Consulting

Michel Hendricks (MDiv, Denver Seminary; BS, University of Colorado) has been a teacher and trainer for more than twenty-five years. In addition to ministering in the USA, he has also served and trained people in Argentina, Bolivia, Mexico, Kenya, South Sudan, and Uganda. He is the author of Basic Training for Walking With Jesus, Intentional Apprenticeship, and his most recent book The Other Half of Church, co-authored with Jim Wilder. Michel and his wife, Claudia, have three adult children.

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