FREE 1-Year Transformation Plan

Are you ready to grow in Christ in 2021? Start a Transformation Plan!

Below you will find resources and next steps under each of the key areas of growth as a disciple of Jesus. 

Free Webinar!

In this free one-hour webinar, Dr. Marcus Warner shares concrete opportunities of how you can grow more joy, go deeper in your understanding of the Bible, experience heart-focused community, and make a greater Kingdom impact.

The Transformation Plan webinar is meant to supplement the F.I.S.H. steps below and help break down how to navigate these resources!



As a child of God, freedom is your birthright! However, freedom is not automatic.

Here are some ways to pursue greater freedom and wholeness in Christ.



Every Christian has a shared identity based on Covenant (what Christ has done for us) and an individual identity based on Creation (who God has uniquely made us to be). 

What steps will you take this year to grow in your identity in Christ?

Heart Values: Discovering the Gold in You! – Online Practice Community Videos from THRIVEtoday

We are excited to offer Deeper Walk’s first ever “Women’s Conference!”

Speakers: Stasi Eldredge, Judy Dunagan, Dawn Whitestone, Pam Mutz, and more!

Saturday, Nov. 6th



Walking in the Spirit will open up a whole new way of living in union with Christ. 

Learning to hear God’s voice and experience His presence with you in your daily life changes everything!

If you have a Deeper Walk online account, you have free access to Core Course 1: Heart-Focused Discipleship


This is based off of 1 Corinthians 10:13, and covered in Session 5 of Core Course 1 (free).

More information coming soon!


Heart-Focused Community

No one is called to go it alone. We are created for community. Journey Groups create a context for hesed-community. 

And upcoming events from Deeper Walk and our partners at THRIVEtoday can help you grow in relational health and live more from the heart Jesus gave you. 

Save the dates! Oct 20-21, 2021, Deeper Walk is hosting an Online International Conference on living “Wholehearted,” with Marcus Warner, John Eldredge, and others!

More info coming soon!

A Journey Group is a small group that meets once a week either locally or online to share their journey of growth in freedom and identity in Christ, relational skills, maturity, walking by the Spirit, and creating connection and community in a way that cultivates a deeper walk with God.

Learn more about Journey Groups here.

As a member of the Certified Journey Group Leader Community, you’ll be welcomed into a community that provides training, support, and encouragement as you lead Journey Groups online or in your community. 

Learn more here.

Our ministry partner, THRIVEtoday, is offering “The Foundational 5” monthly practice events to lay a strong foundation for a healthy relational brain.

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