Rare Leadership Deeper Dive Learning Community Winter 2023

Winter 2023 Rare Leadership – Deeper Dive

Mondays 3:30p-5:00p (Eastern) || Jan 16 - May 22

COURSE DATES & TIMES: Mondays 3:30p-5:00p Eastern for 19 sessions || Jan 16 – May 22.

SPACE IS LIMITED: To foster a relational environment and sufficient interaction with the presenter, Deeper Dives are limited to 24 participants.

COST: The cost per person for this 4-month interactive group is $499 (about $25 per session). If you prefer, you can make three monthly payments (one when you place your order, then 30 days and 60 days later).

ADD A FAMILY MEMBER FOR 50% OFF: If you would like your spouse or other family member to join you, select the “Pair” option. You can add them for half-price! Pairs should join meetings on the same screen/device. Recordings will belong on the Deeper Walk account that paid for the registration.

RECORDINGS: Once you purchase this class, you ‘own’ it. Meaning, you can log in to your Deeper Walk account with the username and password you used when you purchased the course to watch the videos and download the course notes at any time.

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From: $175.00 / month for 3 months



You have discovered the new paradigm in leadership: Rare Leadership.

Now, the goal is to become proficient in the 4 uncommon habits that increase trust, joy, and engagement of the people you lead.

It’s one thing to understand the principles of Rare Leadership. It’s another thing to truly become a Rare Leader who lives and leads this way.


To form new habits, we need more than information – we need opportunities to practice what we are learning in a community with others who are on a similar journey.

Enter the “Rare Leadership Deeper Dive.” Over the course of 4 months, you will meet weekly for 19 sessions with a group of diverse people who are all aspiring to become the kind of leader people love to follow.


  • Cultivate emotional maturity in yourself and others
  • Develop the four habits of R.A.R.E. leaders
  • Promote a strong group identity
  • Keep relationships bigger than problems
  • Increase productivity through trust, joy, and engagement


The Rare Leadership Online Community includes:

  • Weekly meetings
  • Training Videos
  • Downloadable worksheets
  • Skills practice at all five stages of maturity


Meetings follow a rhythm of “Learn” then “Practice.” In one meeting you will download the worksheets and watch the training video. On the alternating weeks you will gather with your online small group to practice the skills for that lesson. This way you will not only learn the material with your mind, but also begin to embody what you are learning in your everyday life.


Rare leadership habits, emotional maturity, and culture all take time to cultivate. The fastest way to get there is with someone who has traveled the path and can show the way. Your group facilitator, Blanca Cisneros, is a certified Rare Leadership Trainer with decades of coaching and leadership Experience. She will guide group discussions, lead skills practice, and more! (See her full bio below).


As you begin to practice the skills in in your life and workplace, the culture-shift begins! The more you live out these skills, the more impact you make on those around you, and they also begin to shift. Ultimately, the goal is to cultivate a culture of Rare Leadership, where these skills are habitually in practice throughout your organization.


Access to this 4-month, transformative online learning community costs $499. (about $25 a week). This investment yields weekly email touchpoints, video teaching, online gatherings for relational engagement, guided discussion, interactive practice, and more.


As your leadership skills grow, you will naturally want to pour into others. We recognize that some participants who complete this course will want to begin leading their own Rare Leadership groups and even become certified Rare Leadership Trainers or Coaches themselves.

This Deeper Dive is a pre-requisite for the forthcoming “Rare Leadership Certification Program” that is currently being developed and will likely launch in Fall 2023. This upcoming program will be an intensive, hands-on experience designed to ‘train the trainers’ who will take this out to the marketplace, to ministries, and beyond. Email school@deeperwalk.com for more information.


Don’t take our word for it! Listen to Steve’s experience:

I was looking for a leadership course that was outside my typical corporate and ministry contexts when RARE Leadership was first offered. Shortly after the RARE Leadership group began, my company embarked on a 6-month reorganization that directly affected over half of the personnel globally. The RARE Leadership principles, practices, and community were instrumental in my personal development and encouragement while supporting my peers, direct reports, and project teams through a stressful season. We remained notably productive and engaged with our customers. Four years on, RARE Leadership is still primary for reference, contemplation, and practice in my spheres of influence. I trust you will appreciate similar results as I do by becoming a RARE leader! — Steve Becker


By joining this Rare Leadership Deeper Dive, you will become part of the growing movement of organizations, like Cru, Navigators, Willow Creek, Camps Farthest Out, and Distant Shores Media, who are cultivating a culture of Rare Leadership.

Practice the Skills. Master the 4 Habits of Rare Leaders.


COURSE DATES & TIMES: Mondays 3:30p-5:00p Eastern for 19 sessions || Jan 16 – May 22.


January 16 – Lesson 1: Overview of Rare Leadership

January 23 – Skill Practices: Rare Foundational Skills

January 30 – Lesson 2: Understanding Maturity

February 6 – Skill Practice: Maturity

February 13 – Lesson 3: The Elevator in Your Brain

February 20 – Skill Practice: Brain Levels

February 27 – Lesson 4: What Motivates Us?

March 6 – Skill Practice: Motivations

March 13 – Lesson 5: Imitation, Identity, Intimacy

March 20 – Skill Practice: The 3 “I’s”

March 27 – Lesson 6: Remain Relational

April 3 – Skill Practice: Remain Relational

April 10 – Lesson 7: Act Like Yourself

April 17 – Skill Practice: Act Like Myself

April 24 – Lesson 8: Return to Joy

May 1 – Skill Practice: Return to Joy

May 8 – Lesson 9 – Endure Hardship Well

May 15 – Skill Practice: Endure Hardship Well

May 22 – Lesson 10 – Running the Race


Certified RARE Leadership Trainer and Coach

Certified Coach Blanca Cisneros has served in ministry over 40 years as a Counselor, Teacher, Mentor and in Healing ministry. She herself has transformed overcoming limiting mindsets, attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors, that were keeping her stuck, hindering her potential. Her passion is to encourage and inspire others to grow and has helped hundreds of individuals, families and youth gain freedom to live out their potential and purpose. As a RARE Leadership Certified Trainer and Coach, Blanca has facilitated RARE community groups locally, nationally and internationally, helping others implement the RARE skills. She is also a John Maxwell Certified Coach and teaches Mastermind groups and workshops which facilitate personal growth and leadership development. Her work encourages growth in emotional maturity and relational skills, promotes a strong group identity and helps create a culture of belonging. Individuals and organizations experience increased productivity and success, both personally and professionally. Blanca is Founder of Free To Be Coaching and lives in California. Married for 35 years, she and her husband raised four children and have three grandchildren. For more information or personal coaching, visit her website: www.FreeToBeLifeCoach.com

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